Wedding Photography Packages


“Lifelong Dreams” $1550 for 9 hours of photography and $100/hour for each additional hour

“Romantic Getaway” $1150 for 6 hours of photography and $125/hour for each additional hour

“Vegas Style” $950 for 4 hours of photography and $175/hour for each additional hour

(All wedding packages include one photographer. A second photographer will be available upon request for an additional fee.)


Included in Wedding Packages

In an effort to reduce waste and protect the environment I do not offer image discs on CD or DVD media. After your wedding you will receive a link to a private gallery with your screen ready image files which you will be able to download straight away, to the device of your choice, at no additional charge. Hi-res, print ready image files (digital negatives) will be available for $35/image file with all rights released to you upon purchase.

The entire gallery of your wedding day images can be purchased in hi-res, print ready format for $700.

I also offer a full range of print options, all produced through professional labs.

  • All prints purchased through me come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a free copy of the hi-res, print ready image file.
  • Wedding albums are offered in a wide array of styles to suit any taste and budget. Prices vary depending on style and various options chosen but range between $400-$2000.



I sign a wedding photography contract with all of my clients.  I encourage you to read through this document so I provide a link here which will allow you to read online or print off this example contract so that you can review all facets of the agreement.



Wedding Albums

These albums do not represent all images given to these couples they are select galleries to tell the story of their special day.

Planning your wedding day photography timeline:

To plan the total amount of photography time for your wedding just add a 30 minute delay to the last scheduled event of the day that you would like captured and count backward to when you have scheduled for your hair/makeup to begin and you will probably be good.  If not, I can either adjust the start/end time or add time to your package on an hourly basis.


  • You will need to plan on at least 30-45 minutes for the girls and 20-25 minutes for the guys to allow me to capture all of the important moments of getting prepared for the ceremony.  I would recommend that we begin the preparation photography just after the bride's hair is finished but before she starts her makeup so that I can capture you somewhat ready but still catching the act of preparation.  I recommend that grooms be partially dressed with pants and undershirts but not dress shirts, ties or jackets yet.
  •  Allow approximately 30 minutes for formal pictures of the brides with her bridesmaids (before the ceremony is best)
  • Allow approximately 30 minutes for formal pictures of the groom with his groomsmen (before the ceremony is best)
  • Allow approximately 30 minutes to an hour for pictures of the bride and groom together depending on what you want.
  • Allow a minimum of 45 minutes between the ceremony and reception for formal portraits with the wedding party and family. When you are deciding what group portraits you want captured plan on 2-4 minutes per small group (8 people or less) and 5-8 minutes for larger groups to calculate the total time requirements.  Scheduling all group portraits for this time is more efficient and a better use of your limited wedding day timetable.  Plus this way you can be certain that everybody will be present and accounted for so that we can quickly accomplish these shots and move on to the fun of the reception.


Pinterest boards for weddings have become a very common feature for many brides.  In fact, I encourage you to make your own and send it along to help give me a better idea for the vibe you want from your wedding images but try not to go overboard, in your enthusiasm, for very specific images. You've hired me to capture your special day in my unique style and that is exactly what I promise to do for you.


Above all else, relax and enjoy your big day! Don't stress over little timing details or a flower out of place. I can absolutely promise you that nobody else in the room is going to notice anything at all except for the two people at the center of a very happy occasion.


Print Prices

All images are color corrected and re-touched before being sent to a professional photo lab.

Print size   Price       Print Size   Price
4x6   25       16x20   165
5x7   35       16x24   195
8x10   45       20x30   225
11x14   75     Digital screen ready proofs   0
12x18   95             Digital print ready file   35
10x20   95        Digital print ready gallery   700
12x24   145            

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