Bridal Portrait Session

Cost - $250 for a 2 hour session

I use some of the most beautiful natural spaces in the area for my sessions and I have chosen them very carefully to achieve certain looks. However, if you have a specific location in mind that has personal meaning for you then we can definitely work there.  I encourage brides to use the same hair and makeup artists that they plan on using on the day of the wedding but if that is not a possibility due to scheduling conflicts or other reasons I am happy to suggest other artists or coordinate the booking on your behalf with qualified professionals.

In addition to your private gallery of screen ready image files your bridal portrait session will include two 5x7 prints AND your choice of either an 8x10 or 11x14 print, perfect for the wedding reception and for a wall or shelf at home.


"Preparing for your Bridal session"


Scheduling the session:

  • If you plan to use the photos for your sign-in table or in the reception hall you will want to schedule your bridal session early enough that you can shoot, get your images back, and get the appropriate frames.  I suggest a minimum of 4 weeks out from your wedding day.  The last weeks leading up to your wedding can be hectic and you don't want to add any unwanted stresses.
  • Plan on bringing at least one person with you to the session to assist you with moving the dress around, holding a mirror for any touch-ups and other tasks.


Makeup and hair:

I definitely recommend using the same makeup and hair stylists for you bridal session that you plan on using for your actual wedding day.  However, if that is not a possibility, for whatever reason, or you just feel like you would like to cover these tasks yourself I would like to offer a few tips from professional makeup artists that will help you look your best in front of the camera.

  • Go slightly brighter/heavier on your cheeks, eyes, and lips than you normally would.  Makeup tends to look more toned down in photos so in order for it to look like you are wearing any at all you need to go slightly heavier and use colors that have a tiny bit more "pop".
  •  Stick to matte textures unless you really know what you are doing.  It is super easy forshiny/glittery/shimmery makeup to reflect light, in unflattering ways that can make you look oily or blotchy in a photo.  So stick to nice matte finish powders and eyeshadows for flawless looking skin.
  •  Always wear a powder over your makeup to set it and also to maintain the matte appearance.
  • False eyelashes can be your best friends.  They make an awesome impression in photos and are a great way to add some flare without looking unnatural.

Print Prices 

All images are color corrected and basic re-touching is applied before being sent to a professional lab.

Print size   Price       Print Size   Price
4x6   25       16x20   165
5x7   35       16x24   195
8x10   45       20x30   22
11x14   75     Digital screen ready proofs   0
12x18   95               Digital print ready file   35
12x24   145       Digital print ready gallery   300

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